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5 Not So Obvious Ways to Recruit Employees

With the job market getting hot again, talented candidates are receiving multiple offers – and quickly leaving the pool of available workers. Companies must move fast when positions become available, and become a little more creative when searching for the perfect candidate. If you have a thoughtfully written job description and fully vetted your internal systems for hiring, it’s time to gear up for a few non-traditional ways of locating talent:

Inertia Is No Longer an Effective Talent Retention Strategy

The job market is heating up, and companies are responding by getting more aggressive in their pursuit of top talent. But smart hiring managers know that acquisition is just half of the talent equation; it doesn’t do any good to bring in new talent if your existing, proven performers are walking out the door.

HR Professionals: Engineers, Scientists Among Hardest to Find

Engineering and scientific roles are two of the hardest positions to fill, according to human resource professionals.

Recruiting, Contract-to-Hire November 04, 2014

Hi. My name is Michael. I’m a great guy. Want to get married?

If this was a guy’s pickup line, the girl would probably think he’s crazy. Of course, we’d think the girl was just as crazy if her response was: “Hey, Michael. You made a good first impression. Let me call my parents to tell them the good news.”

Recruiting, Securing Top Talent November 04, 2014

Acquiring Talent in a Seller's Market

As the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, the competition for talent is heating up. Companies that grew accustomed to having all of the leverage when it came to filling positions over the past five years need to recognize that it’s become more and more of a seller’s market for talent.