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Generation Z August 09, 2017

Gen Z in the Workplace - 3 Secrets for Hiring & Motivating Them

Generation Z is coming of age and about to enter your work place.  Born in 1996 and after,  they’ve been  labeled as the generation unable to remember the world impact of 9/11. And, no, this new generation is not just like their Millennial big brothers and sisters. In fact, they are showing signs of being quite different, especially when it comes to how they get work done. Generation Z has grown up with a device in their hands since toddlerhood -- with technology and information on demand at their fingertips. This characteristic is presenting itself now in how Gen Z employees have different needs than previous generations when they enter the work force. Here are some secrets into the psyche of this generation that will help you attract and retain them as employees.

Generation Z, Staffing Stream December 12, 2016

Staffing Stream - November 2016

Generation Z consists of those born in the mid 1990s to the early 2000s, and makes up 25% of our population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They are the first post-millennial generation to enter the workforce - and like Millennials, their generational characteristics are going to challenge our workplace norms. In this month's staffing stream, we share the characteristics of this new, interconnected generation, as well as highlight ways to prepare your company for the incoming job seekers.