Staffing Insights

Architectural, Engineering February 23, 2017

The ‘New Normal’ for Finding Manufacturing and Engineering Talent

In the years following the recession, companies got accustomed to a labor market that had an unprecedented supply of highly skilled manufacturing and engineering talent. Because of the sheer number of people in these fields who had been laid off during the recession, the talent pool was incredibly deep. Companies could find designers at drafter’s rates and engineers at designers’ rates. If a company had a list of 10 very specific skillsets for a position, they were able to quickly find several people who met (or exceeded) all of those criteria.

Employee Turnover, Architectural November 04, 2014

Architecture Firms Brace for Surge in Employee Turnover

Last year the American Institute of Architects (AIA) published a survey on compensation and employment trends in the architecture industry. The report, which the AIA updates every two years, highlighted several interesting trends.

Talent Surplus, Architectural November 04, 2014

Architectural Firms Should Enjoy the Talent Surplus While They Can

As the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, the competition for talent is heating up. Companies that grew accustomed to having all of the leverage when it came to filling positions over the past five years need to recognize that it’s become more and more of a seller’s market for talent.

Hitting the Sweet Spot for Architectural Staffing

When the credit crisis hit in September 2008, every industry was affected. But in no sector was the impact as swift and complete as it was in the architectural industry. Seemingly over night, every development project was put on hold, and every day you’d hear about another round of massive layoffs.