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Logistics: Getting a Jumpstart on Holiday Hiring

Logistics is a consumer-driven industry with its peak workload occurring during the holiday season. Although the first big holiday isn’t until November, transportation companies are forced to start their preparations months in advance in order to keep up with the influx in demand. 

Agile HR Strategy October 09, 2015

What Your CEO wants from Human Resources

A majority of CEOs believe that human resources is making exceptional contributions in strategic areas, including talent management, succession planning, recruitment and retention. In order to make the next step, CEO’s are looking for HR leaders to couple their skills with a much deeper understanding of the business - and be ready to react to sudden change.

Employee Turnover October 09, 2015

Communicating the Cost of Turnover to Your CEO

Human resource leaders are expected to track HR KPIs – one of the most vital being turnover. Knowing the metric’s financial implications and being able to communicate them to the CEO provides added relevance for the company as a whole.

Talent Shortage, BECO, Architecture September 08, 2015

Skill Shortage in Architecture

As the market continues to evolve, we are seeing some sectors recover faster than others. Right now, architects with backgrounds in health care, large-scale commercial buildings and high-end residential are enjoying a surge in opportunities.

3 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Scientific Staffing Firm

When hiring lab personnel, it’s best to work with an agency that specializes in the sciences. As opposed to a general employment recruiter, scientific staffing firms are better equipped to understand the job requirements, evaluate applicants and present ideal candidates. Use these questions when searching for a scientific partner:

Making a Counter Offer to Retain an Employee [Infographic]

When an employee turns in their resignation notice, you have two options: Accept the resignation Try to convince the employee to stay Depending on the employee and working relationship, a counter offer may make sense.

Counter Offers: When They Make Sense

Your number one (or number three) employee just turned in their notice. Do you try convincing them to stay?

Staffing July 31, 2015

5 Tips for Working with Staffing Firms

When you first partner with an agency for contact or direct hire staffing, one of three things is happening: You are not able to find qualified candidates who meet everyone’s requirements You need temporary labor or contract employees for a project On-staff recruiters are too busy or not able to screen candidates due to the particular nature of the position. Staffing agencies fill these gaps. Through sources that include propriety databases, licenses and skilled recruiters, staffing firms find qualified candidates who are ready to join your team. 

Staffing July 29, 2015

How to Write a Job Description that Attracts the Right Candidates

Being on a team that gets results is the one of the joys of going to work each day. During the hiring process, people may seem like a great fit on paper, but once they come in for the interview, something is not quite right. The experience could be off the mark or they may not have a key skill. How do you overcome these deficiencies to get the right players onboard? Tighten up the job description!

Understanding IT

Whether you’re in human resources or sales, the IT industry is growing and will most likely become an increasing part of your everyday work environment. And it’s probably safe to say that if you’re not an IT professional, understanding an IT job description or reading a technical resume can become impossible when you encounter those seemingly foreign phrases.

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