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Author:Tracy Vistine

Tracy Vistine

Tracy Vistine brings more than 10 years of experience in recruiting and staffing to her role as director of recruiting for the Messina Group. Tracy joined the firm in 2005, and under her recruiting direction, Messina’s Financial Temps group has consistently provided clients with proven financial and accounting talent for their staffing and consulting needs. Before joining Messina, Tracy worked as a recruiting specialist for a Wall Street-based financial services firm. As an expert in sourcing, managing, and placing top-notch candidates, Tracy is passionate about connecting qualified talent with the right employment opportunity. Tracy is passionate about spending time with her family, traveling and reading.

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February 07, 2018

Just Hired: Financial Temp Placements

Job Title: Accountant Candidate Profile: Skilled professional with over ten years of experience in accounting  Client: International Real Estate Franchise   Position Type: Long-term contract Location: Northbrook, IL 

Logistics, October 24, 2017

Just Hired: Logistics Temps Placements

Job Title: Data Entry Specialist Candidate Profile: A performance driven administrative professional with skills in communication and organization; BS in Management Client: International Logistics Services Company Position Type: Short-term contract Location: Des Plaines, IL 

Successful Interview Techniques September 20, 2017

Spotting Characteristics of Success in Your Potential Candidate

Is there really a key to being successful? It’s said that successful people tend to share common habits and personality traits like having a morning routine of waking up early compared to consistently hitting the snooze button. Getting a read into a candidate’s characteristics and their potential success in your open position, is a difficult but necessary step to hiring effective individuals. However, some of these important traits are harder to spot than others, especially when you’re trying to unearth these characteristics from a piece of paper or an introductory interview. Read on to learn how to spot five qualities that we think make successful candidates.

Job Offers November 04, 2015

Make a Job Offer that Gets Accepted

After an extensive interview process, you find the right candidate and make an offer – only to have the potential hire turn you down. What went wrong? As the talent pool continues to become more competitive, we are seeing candidates forgo employment offers for two main reasons.

Making a Counter Offer to Retain an Employee [Infographic]

When an employee turns in their resignation notice, you have two options: Accept the resignation Try to convince the employee to stay Depending on the employee and working relationship, a counter offer may make sense.

Counter Offers: When They Make Sense

Your number one (or number three) employee just turned in their notice. Do you try convincing them to stay?