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Author:Ellen Mullarkey

Ellen Mullarkey

Ellen Mullarkey is a Vice President of Business Development with Messina Group. Ellen joined Messina more than 25 years ago after graduating from the University of Iowa. She has been instrumental in establishing and expanding Messina’s staffing divisions. Ellen is a past president and long-term board member of Hephzibah Children’s Association. In addition to being actively involved in River Forest Youth Baseball and Softball, Ellen has served as the tenured volleyball coach for St. Luke School, is a member of the St. Luke Women's Club and actively volunteers at PADS homeless shelter.

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IT, Project Management, ERP December 13, 2017


Messina Group was engaged to fill an ERP PM role to lead the Client's ERP platform selection and ERP implementation partner selection process. Our Senior PM had extensive ERP experience and worked on-sight to help this client negotiate better platform pricing as well as Vendor contract terms, select a quality implementation partner and co-manage the ERP implementation.

Generation Z August 09, 2017

Gen Z in the Workplace - 3 Secrets for Hiring & Motivating Them

Generation Z is coming of age and about to enter your work place.  Born in 1996 and after,  they’ve been  labeled as the generation unable to remember the world impact of 9/11. And, no, this new generation is not just like their Millennial big brothers and sisters. In fact, they are showing signs of being quite different, especially when it comes to how they get work done. Generation Z has grown up with a device in their hands since toddlerhood -- with technology and information on demand at their fingertips. This characteristic is presenting itself now in how Gen Z employees have different needs than previous generations when they enter the work force. Here are some secrets into the psyche of this generation that will help you attract and retain them as employees.

Finance, Contract-to-Hire February 16, 2017

Contract-to-Hire: Taking the Risk Out of Finding Financial Talent

Despite our rebounding economy and an unemployment rate that is south of five percent, companies are still hesitant to hire after the recession hit hard a few years ago.

Financial Temps February 09, 2017

Just Hired: Financial Temps Placements

With tax season in full swing, often companies will supplement their full-time staff with temporary help to ease the workload. Messina Group's Financial Temps division has over 40 years of experience sourcing and placing talented professionals within the accounting and financial industries. Below is a sample of recent positions we’ve successfully filled for some of our top clients in 2017.

Interview Process, case studies January 25, 2017

The Case for Case Studies

Are you using case studies as part of your interview process for new hires? If not, then you might be missing out on one of the most valuable tools for determining whether a candidate possesses the hard and soft skills needed to thrive at your company.

Tax Season: Planning Ahead for Success

With tax season in full swing, Tracy Vistine, Director of Recruiting at Messina Group and Accounting & Finance staffing expert of 10 years, provides insight into the accounting industry’s busiest time of year and how to come out on top.

Logistics: Getting a Jumpstart on Holiday Hiring

Logistics is a consumer-driven industry with its peak workload occurring during the holiday season. Although the first big holiday isn’t until November, transportation companies are forced to start their preparations months in advance in order to keep up with the influx in demand. 

Inertia Is No Longer an Effective Talent Retention Strategy

The job market is heating up, and companies are responding by getting more aggressive in their pursuit of top talent. But smart hiring managers know that acquisition is just half of the talent equation; it doesn’t do any good to bring in new talent if your existing, proven performers are walking out the door.

Recruiting, Securing Top Talent November 04, 2014

Acquiring Talent in a Seller's Market

As the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, the competition for talent is heating up. Companies that grew accustomed to having all of the leverage when it came to filling positions over the past five years need to recognize that it’s become more and more of a seller’s market for talent.