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Author:Courtney Clemmons

Courtney Clemmons

Courtney Clemmons is the Content Developer for both Messina Group Staffing and Messina Group Consulting. Before moving into her role on the Marketing team, Courtney began her career as a Recruiter working on contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire positions for Messina’s Engineering, Manufacturing, Laboratory, Marketing and Financial staffing divisions. Courtney is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BA in Journalism.

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Declining the Job Applicants You Don't Hire

It's always a great feeling when a company finds the perfect candidate to fill an open position. Whether it took a few weeks of sifting through resumes and conducting interviews or a few months, securing the right job applicant also means you have to turn down the wrong ones.

STEM Industries Face Hiring Challenges

In today’s economy, growth is fueled by technological innovation, so it’s no surprise that the demand for Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Math professionals (STEM) has skyrocketed since the early 1990s. The number of Scientific and Engineering jobs in the United States has grown at an average annual rate of 5.9%, compared with 1.2% for the general workforce, according to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Companies across the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, information technology and manufacturing industries are increasingly looking to fill their rosters with highly skilled talent. However, the current STEM labor market may not align with the industry’s demands and growth trends.

Creating a Successful Partnership with your Staffing Agency

If you are a company that currently uses or plans to use a staffing firm, you are likely facing one of these situations:                 -You don’t have the time or resources required to find the quality talent you’re looking for                 -You need contract or temporary labor for a special project or seasonal demands                 -You can’t seem to find the industry specific talent needed for your open positions Whether you’re struggling with one or all of the above, staffing agencies are here to fill your hiring needs.

October 26, 2015

Office Halloween Costumes: What HR Really Thinks of Them

Thank you to all of the HR professionals who took the survey. And, congratulations to Jessica Horning of Vetter Development Services USA. She won the $200 Starbucks gift card.

5 Not So Obvious Ways to Recruit Employees

With the job market getting hot again, talented candidates are receiving multiple offers – and quickly leaving the pool of available workers. Companies must move fast when positions become available, and become a little more creative when searching for the perfect candidate. If you have a thoughtfully written job description and fully vetted your internal systems for hiring, it’s time to gear up for a few non-traditional ways of locating talent:

Staffing July 31, 2015

5 Tips for Working with Staffing Firms

When you first partner with an agency for contact or direct hire staffing, one of three things is happening: You are not able to find qualified candidates who meet everyone’s requirements You need temporary labor or contract employees for a project On-staff recruiters are too busy or not able to screen candidates due to the particular nature of the position. Staffing agencies fill these gaps. Through sources that include propriety databases, licenses and skilled recruiters, staffing firms find qualified candidates who are ready to join your team. 

Staffing July 29, 2015

How to Write a Job Description that Attracts the Right Candidates

Being on a team that gets results is the one of the joys of going to work each day. During the hiring process, people may seem like a great fit on paper, but once they come in for the interview, something is not quite right. The experience could be off the mark or they may not have a key skill. How do you overcome these deficiencies to get the right players onboard? Tighten up the job description!

Understanding IT

Whether you’re in human resources or sales, the IT industry is growing and will most likely become an increasing part of your everyday work environment. And it’s probably safe to say that if you’re not an IT professional, understanding an IT job description or reading a technical resume can become impossible when you encounter those seemingly foreign phrases.

Coworker Gift Guide December 11, 2014

Coworker Gift Guide

Just in time for the office holiday party, Messina Group is releasing its 2014 Coworker Gift Guide. All gift ideas are hand-crafted – and memorable.

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