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Author:Beverly Ingle

Beverly Ingle

Bev Ingle is the Director of Marketing for Messina Group. She has spent her career in Management, Marketing, Sales and Operations. Bev currently works for the Messina Staffing and Consulting Divisions, which includes Messina’s Engineering, Architecture, Laboratory, IT, Marketing and Financial Specializations. She has her MS in Adult Learning & Organizational Change from Northwestern University and a BS in Business & Marketing from Bowling Green State University.

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Engineering, BECO May 10, 2017

Hiring Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

US manufacturing is standing at a significant milestone in its long history. The intersection of technology advances, population growth and political factors have had a significant impact on the changing  American business environment.  According to a new study from The Manufacturing Institute, the United States manufacturing industry,  has shown steady growth in recent years, and has even more opportunity ahead.  

Staffing, Engineering, BECO February 24, 2016

Quality Assurance Hiring Sparked by ISO Changes

Increased globalization has changed the way we do business and contributed to the International Standard Organization’s (ISO) release of major revisions to its Quality Standards in September 2015. The release of ISO 9001:2015, the first major change since 2000, is a shift in standards as a response to advancements in business diversity, global commerce, more complex supply chains and technology. According to ISO, there are many benefits to adopting the new standards.

BECO February 24, 2016

Essential Skills in a Great QA Engineer

Quality assurance departments may be undergoing scrutiny as well as growth due to the recent revisions handed down by the International Standard Organization (ISO). Major changes to quality standards are causing companies to reassess their quality management systems as well as their quality assurance leadership and staff. Once a company formulates a transition plan for implementing the new standards, they will need to identify the required skill sets and knowledge their Quality Assurance (QA) personnel should have. If hiring is required to round out their team, it is important to consider the essential skills of an excellent QA Engineer. What does it take to be a sought after Quality Assurance Engineer?