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Successful Interview Techniques September 20, 2017

Spotting Characteristics of Success in Your Potential Candidate

Is there really a key to being successful? It’s said that successful people tend to share common habits and personality traits like having a morning routine of waking up early compared to consistently hitting the snooze button. Getting a read into a candidate’s characteristics and their potential success in your open position, is a difficult but necessary step to hiring effective individuals. However, some of these important traits are harder to spot than others, especially when you’re trying to unearth these characteristics from a piece of paper or an introductory interview. Read on to learn how to spot five qualities that we think make successful candidates.

LabTemps September 13, 2017

Just Hired: Lab Temps Placements

Job Title: Chemist Candidate Profile: Scientist with over nine years of experience in industrial/environmental research and quality assurance as a chemical analyst Client: Recognized International Industry Leader in Confections Position Type: Short-term contract Location: Chicago, IL 

Architecture August 15, 2017

Just Hired: Architecture Temps Placements

Job Title: Revit Architect  Candidate Profile: Architect with experience in residential design and skillsets in Rhino, Sketchup, Revit, AutoCad, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Grasshopper Client: Influential International Architecture Firm Position Type: Long-term contract Location: Chicago, IL 

Generation Z August 09, 2017

Gen Z in the Workplace - 3 Secrets for Hiring & Motivating Them

Generation Z is coming of age and about to enter your work place.  Born in 1996 and after,  they’ve been  labeled as the generation unable to remember the world impact of 9/11. And, no, this new generation is not just like their Millennial big brothers and sisters. In fact, they are showing signs of being quite different, especially when it comes to how they get work done. Generation Z has grown up with a device in their hands since toddlerhood -- with technology and information on demand at their fingertips. This characteristic is presenting itself now in how Gen Z employees have different needs than previous generations when they enter the work force. Here are some secrets into the psyche of this generation that will help you attract and retain them as employees.

Engineering, BECO May 10, 2017

Hiring Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

US manufacturing is standing at a significant milestone in its long history. The intersection of technology advances, population growth and political factors have had a significant impact on the changing  American business environment.  According to a new study from The Manufacturing Institute, the United States manufacturing industry,  has shown steady growth in recent years, and has even more opportunity ahead.  

Architectural, Engineering February 23, 2017

The ‘New Normal’ for Finding Manufacturing and Engineering Talent

In the years following the recession, companies got accustomed to a labor market that had an unprecedented supply of highly skilled manufacturing and engineering talent. Because of the sheer number of people in these fields who had been laid off during the recession, the talent pool was incredibly deep. Companies could find designers at drafter’s rates and engineers at designers’ rates. If a company had a list of 10 very specific skillsets for a position, they were able to quickly find several people who met (or exceeded) all of those criteria.

Finance, Contract-to-Hire February 16, 2017

Contract-to-Hire: Taking the Risk Out of Finding Financial Talent

Despite our rebounding economy and an unemployment rate that is south of five percent, companies are still hesitant to hire after the recession hit hard a few years ago.

Financial Temps February 09, 2017

Just Hired: Financial Temps Placements

With tax season in full swing, often companies will supplement their full-time staff with temporary help to ease the workload. Messina Group's Financial Temps division has over 40 years of experience sourcing and placing talented professionals within the accounting and financial industries. Below is a sample of recent positions we’ve successfully filled for some of our top clients in 2017.

Interview Process, case studies January 25, 2017

The Case for Case Studies

Are you using case studies as part of your interview process for new hires? If not, then you might be missing out on one of the most valuable tools for determining whether a candidate possesses the hard and soft skills needed to thrive at your company.

recruitment, talent acquisition January 20, 2017

Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition: Which strategy do you need?

While the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition at first may seem like a simple matter of semantics, these two strategies have fundamental differences in regards to how they are used by companies to acquire and develop their top talent.

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