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meet the recruiter October 22, 2015

Meet the Recruiter: Anna Miller

A diverse career can make a great applicant. As a former swim coach for NCAA Division I team, I have a unique job history. However, most of the skills in my background easily transfer to my position at Messina Group – IT recruiting and business relations.

Recruiting, Job Search October 19, 2015

What Recruiters Wish You Knew

Recruiters look for the best fit for every position they manage, which typically means screening multiple candidates who seem to be a strong match based solely on their resumes. After a discussion occurs, we are able to better evaluate the candidate’s skills and how they relate to the role. Candidates who are a good fit are passed along to the client – and just like the candidates – we wait for feedback. Below are a few things to keep in mind when working with a recruiter:

Interview Tips, Job Search October 06, 2015

The New Rules of Dressing for Success

There are a few times in your life that your clothes will give you an added boost and a job interview is one of them. When you look good, you feel more confident and are able to project that during the meeting. As a recruiter, it’s my job to make sure that candidates are well-prepared. This means that they know the job inside and out, and look the part. Below are a few tips that I like to share with candidates:

Job Search, First Job October 01, 2015

Back to Basics: Successful Interview Tips

Congratulations! You got the interview. Now it’s time to prepare for success. Below are a few interview tips for making a great impression. 

Interview Process, Job Search September 30, 2015

7 Ways to Rock a Skype Interview

More companies are using Skype and Google Hangout to meet with potential candidates. Remote interviews can take place as the first part of the screening process or when you are about to receive an offer, but need to meet with someone who is out of town.  Below are a few tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Networking, Recruiting, Job Search September 28, 2015

New Job – Same Employer

Knowing when to change jobs is vital to your personal and professional growth. Opportunities to try something new are all around us – even at our current employer. Such is the case for me. I started at Messina Group as a recruiter and am currently transitioning into a business development role.

Networking September 16, 2015

Networking Tips for Taking Advantage of Fall 

With the fall months upon us, its time to take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather and the network opportunities that they provide. The spring, summer and fall months often bring vacations, weekend plans and hyperactive social lives, but they also bring a myriad of networking opportunities. Many businesses tend to slow down once the summer hits. However, that doesn’t mean your networking has to as well. The seasonal downtime you might have at work combined with your increased social activity outside of the office can pay huge dividends for your professional network - especially if you take advantage of these networking tips.

Recent Graduate, Interview Tips September 04, 2015

Job Fair Etiquette from a Recruiter 

Everyone working for a startup will tell you that the “old way” of searching for a job is dated – after all t-shirts and dogs are acceptable at the office. The reality is that most recent graduates will find employment at a traditional company. Sure, you may have a stocked refrigerator and pool table, but the normal rules of interviewing still apply.

Networking, Job Search August 18, 2015

The Alumni Connection: Expanding Your Network

Students returning to school may bring back memories of your time at college – or even high school. However, the only people who truly want to reminisce with you are fellow alumni. The good news is that alumni events take place around the country – and offer prime employment networking opportunities.

Staffing, Recruiting August 10, 2015

Meet the Recruiter: John Dewar

As a recruiter since 1988, I have helped nearly 700 people secure their next job. It all started with an electrician named Don, who was my first placement.

Staffing, Recruiting August 07, 2015

Meet the Recruiter: Jenni McBride

Why am I a recruiter? It sounds cliché, but I really enjoy helping people.  Recruiting is an emotional job. The first person who I placed in a new job cried, which made me cry. It is an unbelievable experience to help someone land a new position. And the journey to get to that point is different with every candidate. Some of my candidates get new jobs within days and for others it can take weeks or months. 

July 31, 2015

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Picture this: you’re waiting for the elevator at work. The doors open, you walk inside and someone follows behind you. As you turn around you realize it’s none other than the CEO of your company. The doors close and the elevator begins to move. You know you want to say something but what should it be? Should you introduce yourself, try to make a positive impression, maybe even be so bold as to tell him a joke? Unfortunately, as you’re figuring out how to capitalize on this opportunity, the elevator stops, the doors open and your chance walks out the door. 

How to Sell Yourself During A Job Interview

You’ve got a pressed suit, fully-vetted resume and stellar interviewing skills, yet you’re not getting offers. What’s happening? Job seekers must realize that they are in sales. 

Job Search April 07, 2015

Keeping the spark alive: how to fall back in love with your job

Starting a new job at any point in your career is exciting, refreshing, and another chance to keep improving. However, maintaining that same level of initial excitement isn’t always that easy. Overtime, your work environment and your personal life can undergo change, both of which can significantly impact your attitude towards your job and the work that you do every day.

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