HR Professionals: Engineers, Scientists Among Hardest to Find

Engineering and scientific roles are two of the hardest positions to fill, according to human resource professionals.

The 2013 SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Workplace Forecast included a survey where HR professionals were asked to identity the types of workers that were especially difficult to find:

  • 88% said engineers
  • 86% said highly skilled medical (e.g., doctors and nurses)
  • 85% said highly skilled technical (e.g., programmers and technicians)
  • 83% said scientists

The fact that three of the four hardest positions to fill are from the STEM (scientific, technical, engineering, and math) fields is not surprising. Finding highly qualified talent in these fields has become increasingly difficult over the past few decades, and this trend is expected to accelerate significantly over the next decade.

In this environment, a generalist recruiting approach will not be an effective way to find STEM talent. As the supply of STEM workers becomes increasingly scarce, it will be more important to use channels and recruiting sources that specifically target the schools, industries, and regions that are producing people with the exact skills and experience your company needs.

At Messina Group, we have been helping companies find highly specialized engineering, scientific, and technical talent for the past 50 years. By drawing on our knowledge of the STEM recruiting channels, our ability to find, screen, and deliver proven workers in these fields is a tremendous resource for our clients.

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Anne Meagher

Anne Meagher

Anne Meagher is a Vice President of Business Development at Messina Group. Anne has been with Messina for more than 20 years, and over that time she has helped top-performing companies fill their staffing needs for proven engineering, scientific, and laboratory personnel. Anne enjoys volunteering, baking, and spending time with her family. She is passionate about staying active and recently completed her first half marathon.

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