Hi. My name is Michael. I’m a great guy. Want to get married?

By Michael Parks on November 04, 2014 RecruitingContract-to-Hire

If this was a guy’s pickup line, the girl would probably think he’s crazy. Of course, we’d think the girl was just as crazy if her response was: “Hey, Michael. You made a good first impression. Let me call my parents to tell them the good news.”

Obviously, the reason people date is to get to know someone beyond first impressions. When it comes to finding good employees, the contract-to-hire method is a lot like dating. Contract-to-hire is an extended, commitment-free way to find out whether someone is a great fit for your organization.

Contract-to-hire lets you add talent quickly to meet surges in demand without taking on the risk of immediately adding full-time employees to the payrolls. If the person proves to be a great fit – both from a skills standpoint and from organizational culture standpoint – then you can offer the contractor an opportunity to become a full-time employee. But if the contractor is lacking some of the technical or interpersonal attributes that you’re looking for, then you can simply not extend the contract and keep searching for a perfect fit. (Remember: there are a lot of fish in the sea, even in an improving labor market.)

As the economy continues to get stronger, our clients are increasingly using contract-to-hire as a way to meet surges in demand in the short term and to find talented professionals for the long term. Contract-for-hire isn’t just for entry-level positions, either. Many firms use contract-to-hire as their preferred method for filling higher-level, technical positions such as engineers, architects, and accountants.

“Hi. My name is Michael. I’m a great guy. Would you like to go out to dinner and then spend some more time getting to know each other to see if maybe there might be potential for a long-term relationship?”

Now that seems like a smart approach whether you’re looking for a spouse and or a great employee.


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Michael Parks

Michael Parks

Michael Parks is the client-facing CEO of Messina Group where he advises organizations in the areas of Business Transformation and Sales Enablement. Michael was founder and CEO of The Revere Group, growing the firm to more than 500 business and technology consultants and was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young.

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